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Thanks for stopping by my home away from home! My name is Kaylin.  California born, happily reside in Portland, Oregon. I enjoy baking, constantly thinking about tacos, happy hour, creating new ice cream flavors and obsessing over corgis.

Watching Good Eats by Alton Brown (I call him my father figure) late at night when mom would go to bed when I was 9 was an early yet favorite food passion I developed. I always thought food was the most fascinating thing and decided to pursue it by teaching myself. I've worked in kitchens after high school ranging from steakhouses to Thai cuisine.

Currently, I'm a chef instructor for Sur la table as well as a private chef for few clients and events.

Kaylin Bakes is a place to document what I'm craving, something I'm yearning to try, I'll wake up from a dream with a glorious recipe waiting to be made. I'm all about comfort food, I want the good stuff to share with all you lovelies!

- Kaylin